Sonia is available to speak at groups of all ages, including but not limited to youth groups, schools, conferences, and colleges. In her writing workshops, she explains her story inspirations and creation, as well as her in-depth writing plan. How to formulate your idea into a full-fledged book, how to plot, story holes, and word counts, are just a few of the items this workshop entails.

She also loves to give inspiring chats. The road to writing, then to publication can be a daunting path. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be a rewarding journey! Sonia shares her owACTn pursuit and how she struggled with a learning disability in school, and the many naysayers along the way. She challenges the audience to strive for more and to unleash their dreams.

For each session a PowerPoint presentation and handouts will be available.

Sonia is also available to live chat any out-of-area schools and she can tailor the workshops or chat based on the need of the audience.