Sonia Poynter writes books with a common thread of wonder. She found that golden string under the crumpled leaves of her favorite tree when she was but a child, since then she has been unraveling it and weaving it onto the pages of her books. Her first book, The Last Stored, was published in 2015 with Anaiah Press. Since then she has completed two other works.

Sonia’s vivid imagination often got her into trouble throughout school, but as an adult she learned to cultivate that creativity into world building and storytelling.  For more than twenty years she worked with teens and young adults as a youth leader, speaker, camp organizer, event planner, and homeschooling teacher. She is a mother of three children and married to her high school sweetheart. At the age of five, her son was diagnosed with autism, which ultimately led her to homeschooling all their children. Now grown, she often advises others on how to navigate the tricky waters of raising kids with autism. Their oldest works as a teacher in China, and the youngest studies broadcasting at Vincennes University, while her son surpassed even her goals by marrying the love of his life, working, and moving an hour away. Sona Bubblegum


Founding member of YANA Sisterhood where she published many writing how-to articles

Semifinalist in Pitch Wars 2017

Attended Midwest Writers Workshop Intensive 2016

Attended WriteOnCon 2017

Member of American Christian Fiction Writers

Launch member of Querying Authors Facebook group